About Us

Fezt Premium Ice Cream

CRGM is one of Central Restaurants Group Co., Ltd. for the production of ice cream. And expanding the production of ice cream and other products, such as Topping Filling Syrup Concentrate Syrup. Company produce 27 ice cream flavors, with major customers such as Japan ‘s leading restaurants, hotels, cafes and top restaurants brand. CRGM be able to produce size and brand up to customer’s needed.

Premium Ice cream under the brand name of “Fezt”, the ice cream is made from fresh cream from 100% fresh cow’s milk a genuine certified quality standards. Using natural ingredients and premium levels. The company is a leader in innovation in the production of ice cream. To be the best option given to customers.

The company has a laboratory and a team of quality assurance and product research. The expertise and experience of more than 20 years. Who are ready to develop products to meet customer needs.